Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Yesterday was quite a bit busier than the day that preceded it. After schooling we had to run some
errands and then when we got back, it was an afternoon of cleaning. It was mostly just the kitchen, but I had been ignoring a few things like the floors that were getting pretty bad. Of course it was just because we were having the in-laws over for taco Tuesday, that I had a reason to clean.

It wasn't all cleaning though. I've been getting pretty good at knotting while I'm teaching the kids in the morning or reading in the afternoon. The progress is definitely slowing down though. My after schooling picture is showing only a half an inch over the day before, though you can start to see the design I tried out here after actually taking the time to count loops and do some math.

After a full days progress, not counting time cleaning, cooking, and eating, I only managed another half inch. So this last photo is at about 13 inches. A single manageable length of thread is now just taking me around the piece once with maybe a little overlap. You can however, see the new design better here. I'm not certain how many more rounds I need to do with this to really create the design I want. I'm thinking another five or so. Then I'll have to some up with something new to try. Of course it might be another day before that's an issue. Honestly I'm hoping for some tatting soon, so I can put down the tiny needle take a bit of a knotting break. Here's hoping.

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Madtatter80 said...

Yes, we are all wondering will you make a simple ending or a big finish!