Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The doily grew and I did some reading. Not much else happened. I'll happily blame some of my lack of motivation on the time change. It seems a likely culprit and I don't have the energy to think of something more clever.

The pattern rounds are just now starting to take shape. Of course that shape isn't quite what I intended, but I'll keep at it for a while and see what emerges after a few repeats of the design. I didn't do a measurement yesterday, so I'm not certain how large this has become, but I've moved to the dining table to take the photo, so it's no longer small. Each length of thread is now getting me, maybe two-thirds of the way around, so it's definitely slow going.

We have a book fair/science fair to attend this afternoon after schooling, so I'll have even less time to work than usual. I might actually pull out the Black Star pieces and start writing the patterns out instead of knotting. Maybe. It could happen. I guess we'll just have to see how the day goes.

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