Friday, March 18, 2016

Step 3 Done

Yep, it was a really long day. There was the customary mad dash to collect the oldest child's work samples and get them all ready to turn in. Of course we'd been working on them for weeks, but no matter how much time we have to do them, there's always something left to the last minute. After we returned from turning her portfolio in, the youngest child still had a live online class she was required to attend. I used that time to start compiling the photos and pattern into something usable.

It took my most of the afternoon because I conveniently forgot how to do half the things I've done before with the layout. Worst part is, now that I've remembered and gotten this one done, I will immediately forget again and next time will again be a struggle. I managed to get it done and sent off to a generous volunteer test tatter. She has already done it and sent back notes this morning for revising, including changes for shuttle tatters, so I may add those to the end of the pattern as well. I don't want to put them in the body, because I do like to write for needle tatters first as it's my skill set.

In the evening I got back to knotting. I haven't sold any physical items from my etsy shop in 10 days and it was 10 days before that that I sold anything I needed to make, so this Armenian lace doily is keeping me sane. It's now at over 21 inches or 54cm across. It's also fun to note that every time I complete a round I'm knotting something longer than my own height.

The weekend will include rewriting the pattern with the revisions, knotting the doily/tablecloth, crossing my fingers for some sales in my etsy shop, and hosting my niece and nephew's birthday get together. It should be a long weekend and it's followed by the kids' Spring break, so I'm looking forward to getting some things done.

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SWtrompeter said...

That Armenian Lace project of yours is really impressive. It's beautiful.