Friday, March 4, 2016


It happened. I made a bad design choice and went with it for a while. Then of course I realized what a horrible mistake I had made and the scissors came out. Snip, snip. It took a good half an hour to then pick out all the now freed knots and remove the error. I know I could have pretended that this had not occurred and perpetuated the myth that I actually know what I'm doing here, but that seemed disingenuous. I can make quality mistakes on a regular basis. In fact, I'm quite shocked that it took this long to get to one with this piece.

I didn't stop there though. I was was tempted to call it a day because either the allergies or the medication I'm taking to combat them had wholly sapped my energy, but I had to give it another go. I rethought my approach to the next round and kept it going. It's reached about 15.5 inches at this point and it actually getting a little unwieldy to carry about with me. I'm using a large loop design that is honestly much better suited for the center of a piece than out on the edge like this. Keeping the loops large enough requires that I lay the piece out on my lap and gently close each loop while it's on a surface to make sure it's not snugged too close.

As the evening wore on, I changed tactics again and
now I'm going back to small loops, though I think it'll be straight onto something like fancy side loops. I don't really know at this point. I'm just determined to keep it up. It already larger than any Armenian lace piece I've done, but I've still tatted larger pieces, so I guess I'm trying to outdo myself at least.

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Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

I love seeing the progress. And we're all humans and not perfect so mistakes happen. I can't even begin to tell you how many tatting or crochet projects I've started over or just given up on because I'm not a fan of counting. :) Keep up the great work!