Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

Well we has a nice long weekend. Friday I ended up watching one of my nieces much of the day. She was out of school with a freshly fractured arm. So I didn't get too much done on the Armenian lace doily. I did manage to finish three rounds of the fancy side knot, then it was onto a new round. There was counting and factoring and figuring out which pattern would work before I finally started knotting again.

Saturday we went to San Fransisco to finally redeem a lovely family Christmas gift, a membership to the Exploratorium. It was quite a rainy day, but we were running out of time and it was an otherwise unplanned weekend, so off we went. It was a fun, but wet day. After the museum we hoofed it down to Pier 39 to watch the sea lions, eat and generally be tourists for a spell. By the time we were home it was time to head to bed. Well not really, but with the time change upon us it seemed like a good idea to knock off early.

Sunday I got a haircut. Now, my mother asked why I was doing such a thing. Mostly it's because I simply thought it would look neat and I can. Partly it's because I loved Thomas Jane's hair on The Expanse and have contemplated doing the same thing to my hair since I first saw it. It you need to blame something blame him, or more likely the production staff. So you get a rare selfie of me with newly shaved hair, though I really need to redye it soon as well.

Once the cut was complete I had some time to knot again. I manged to get to the second round of what I hope will be a successful patterned round of small loops. It's really too early to tell if my calculations were correct or not, but other that drawing it all out, doing it is the only was to tell. You know, I'm not taking the time to draw something out when it can just be done.

We have a busy week of schooling things, but hopefully I'll get some time to write up the pattern for next month and do some knotting as well. Right not I just want to go back to sleep, because time changes are painful.

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