Thursday, March 3, 2016


Well I may have escaped the family cold, but I was not able to run from the massive onslaught of seasonal allergies. One spectacular effect of our weather friend El Niño is the fast and productive Spring we're have here in the center of California. The weeds are sprouting everywhere that the drought before it killed the grass. It's a lot of weeds full of flowering bits and pollen, pollen, everywhere. Of course I should have known this was coming and started with the allergy medicine weeks ago, but I can't go back, I just have to wait for the medication to catch up and stomp down the myriad of symptoms attacking my face.

Of course all of that did not stop me from knotting the Armenian lace doily. This is the early afternoon update when the piece is about 13.5 inches across. I still had a couple more rows in what I'm calling the spiral section before I decided to move on to something else.

It wasn't until evening that I decided to call it on the spiral and move on. Honestly, I'm not entirely
certain what I'm doing with these new rows yet. I just knew I wanted a separation from the small loops, so I did a round of large ones. I don't want to go back to basket stitch quite yet, so I think I'll just be making something up. Here's hoping it works out okay. By this point I think I was just over 14 inches. It's still quite a way from here to a table cloth, but the ball of thread is still pretty full and my shop shop is pretty quiet so I'll keep at it.


Jeff Hamilton said...

That's awesome! I love visiting each day to see what the doily/tablecloth looks like now.

TotusMel said...

Thanks Jeff!