Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

The weekend certainly got better as it went along, not least of all because I finally managed to get my allergies under control. I'm sure I can thank the weather for that though. The rain has come back to our valley with a bit of a vengeance, but at least it knocked all that pollen out of the air. We also caught a movie and took a nice family walk when the rain took a break.

The progress on the Armenian lace doily has ground to a halt. Well, not really. it just feel like that since I can only make it around once with a length of thread and since I've switched back to small loops for a while it's denser and grows more slowly. I thought I'd illustrate how unwieldy it is getting to work with by taking a photo with my laptop whilst schooling on Friday. I don't usually hold this piece quite this high while working on it, but you can see it better like this.

The weekend progress is mostly here in this picture. It's actually getting more difficult to snap these as it grows. I will one day run out of flat couch space to set it out on. Right now it's at just over 16.5 inches across. The outer rounds are rippling a bit, but I'm going to keep up with the small loops for a nice thick section, so it should flatten out on its own. The ball of thread is definitely getting smaller now as well. While I will certainly make a point of sharing when this one runs out, I think I shall need more balls of thread to get all the way to tablecloth like I planned. I may also need many months.

I do need to switch focus for a while though. There are taxes to do and I need to start prepping for International Tatting Day, not to mention the kids birthdays are fast approaching as well as all the other nonsense that goes with the last semester of the school year. Okay, I'm going to stop listing this stuff out right now, it's going to cause stress if I'm not careful. You know I'll keep knotting this piece regardless. It definitely has a calming effect.

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