Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Same, But Different

Yep, yesterday was a lot like the day before it, except that I did laundry and a lot more work on our taxes and
actually finished them. I also managed to clean my desk in the process. Of course that might have been because my desk was merely covered with a layer of receipts that needed filing for taxes and one task simply required the other, but what matters is that both are done.

I only managed a few rounds on the Armenian lace piece, hardly a measurable amount at all, but if I state it in centimeters it sounds better. It is currently about 45 cm across. If I've done my math correctly that gives it a circumference of approximately 139.09 cm. So that sounds like it was a lot more work. Even if I switch back to inches it makes each round over 55 inches long. Wow, I feel much more like I accomplished actual work yesterday.

With the taxes out of the way the next task I need to focus on is writing up a pattern for International Tatting Day and deciding what small piece to sell at my now almost traditional price of $5. If you have any suggestions for either the pattern or sale piece, I would love to hear them! I leaning toward the Black Star pattern as the sale one, but I might have to design something new for the free one. I don't know. Maybe I already have one people want. I guess I have more thinking to do before I get to work on this one.

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sylvie 66 said...

PS number 2: I love your doily/tablecloth. I've never tried this craft. Very impressive. Maybe I should someday.