Friday, March 25, 2016

Small Loops

I had a nice, long day. I started with the Armenian lace, but quickly decided that I really ought to take a break from it and get that tatted eye patch finished and listed in the shop. Of course that really didn't take that long to accomplish since I was only covering the wire, so I was right back to knotting.

I did change to the really small loops, so I got very little accomplished with it. Well, I mean I tied countless knots, but they were so small that I only managed to get around the doily, maybe twice during the day. And since they were so small, they added no real size to the piece and to top it all off, they are causing a definite ripple on the piece. That means I'll have to do more rounds of them, carefully not increasing their size in order to flatten out the piece before I can switch to the next patterned stitch. It's going to be a while I think.

I also managed to get out and do a little weeding in the yard again. This time it was the front yard and it was only an hour. I also followed it with a nice walk with the kids though the massive weeds around our bike path. I think the city has some weeding that needs doing as well. Anyway, I think the walk was the ticket to preventing weeding-induced soreness, because I feel right as rain this morning.

It's the last day of our Spring break and I've accomplished very little of what I set out to. Of course I did actually relax a bit and isn't that what a vacation is actually for?

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StringyDogs said...

The eye patch is very interesting. Your creativity seems boundless.