Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I fear recapping my progress on the doily/tablecloth is going to be a bit of a bore today. I made progress, but it was slight and I did the same stitch all day long. I would recap what I did with the rest of my day, but I did the first half of my taxes, so that's no fun either.

At least I took a couple of photos so this isn't a complete waste of time. This was my morning before schooling. I watch the news, drink some coffee and work on the pile of lace in my lap. Then I take the lace up with me to do schooling, but I can't work too much on it as my focus is on the kids.

After schooling I did the taxes, or as much of them as I could deal with for the day. Then it was just back to the knotting, and reading. The piece now measures about 17 inches across which isn't much progress from yesterday. I think I might start calculating the circumference rather than the diameter. The bigger number might make me feel better about my progress. Of course if I just want bigger numbers I could just switch to metric and use centimeters. Yeah, so don't be surprised if I do that tomorrow. It will probably be the only different thing I do today.

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