Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Has Begun

I worked diligently on an ordered mask much of yesterday. I wanted to be more active online, but instead I got all focused like and though I had the computer up next to me, I only managed a few off handed comments. One of those comments was that I was thinking about starting another 'fancy' mask. By fancy, I am referring to my Masquerade mask, the one that was covered in sequins, crystals and embroidery that I priced so high I honestly though it wouldn't sell, but it did. The comment was sort of a throwaway, but as I finished the mask I was working on, it had worked into my brain and I had made my mind up to go for it.

PhotobucketThe first time I tried this mask method, I really racked my brain on how to start and every choice I made taught me a lesson. Even though it's been almost two years since I made it, I remember the lessons. Sure, I don't remember the pattern and even my meticulous picture taking is only getting me so far, but I think using what I learned instead will get me there much faster. I started by making the eye wires slightly larger and used a familiar base to the mask. This time however, I increased the stitch counts. Then I added the same motif I used on the last big mask. You might have noticed if you saw me work on the last one, that I haven't added the large piece of wire yet...that was a lesson learned.

PhotobucketThe next step was a complete departure from the first one as well. I remember that adding elements to the empty top sections was ridiculously fiddly, so I decided to start with another row of the same basic edging to fill in before adding the top edge. This filled in more of the top as well as added the bottom edge. I also chose to go over the nose a bit more with the bottom though I might add another row before I'm all done there as well. The next step will be to add the wire for the top edge and start the edging that arches over. This time around I will save the wire covering for the end...another lesson learned. Also this time around the structure is coming along much faster, but I know there will be a slow down when I start to add all the crystals, sequins and embroidery. I have however learned lessons about all of those as well, so hopefully it won't slow down too much. This mask will have fewer sequins as I'm not making it for any other purpose than to make it and I prefer the lace to have the staring role.

PhotobucketThis mask will be a side project meaning that if I get orders or simply feel the need to make something smaller for the shop, I will put this aside. Right now I'm free to work on it so I'll try to work fast. If you missed the construction of the first fancy mask, or have no idea what I'm taking about, the posts begin in December of 2009. They continue for a few weeks and the mask was finally listed here after a professional photo shoot when the original requester of the mask disappeared. It was then lost in the mail on the way way to the fashion show and returned in the mail weeks later and then ultimately sold this past February to an author and artist. Hopefully this one will have an awesome an end without all the middle drama. I leave you with yet another kitten, Halo.

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