Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keep On Swimming

I didn't get as much done yesterday as I had hoped. We're coming down to the wire on my daughter's schooling for the year and that seems to mean a lot of wrap up and making sure she actually remembers all that she's been taught over the last few months. She does...remember a lot, that it, but I still have to make sure.

I did manage to finish sewing the crystals on the first ankle corset and I got all the motifs done and assembled for the second one. I have very little free time allotted to me today, but what little I have will be sewing crystals on the second piece. If I'm lucky I should have this one finished tomorrow and hopefully I'll have some time Thursday to get photographs and get them listed. As I mentioned yesterday, sales in the shop have been m.i.a. since Friday and I need to get something fresh in there to draw some new attention or something. These should do the trick if I can get them done and listed anyway.

There is really nothing else to speak of today as you know the while of my tatting focus and I'd just be repeating myself to list those things that I will do next. They are of course the same things that I said I would do next days ago. This is why I typically avoid long projects as they not only take too much time, they also make me an exceptionally boring person. I am much more interesting to read when I am juggling a handful of projects or at a different one every day. It shouldn't be too much longer. I'll be more fun next week...I promise.

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