Monday, June 20, 2011


The weekend is over and I have so little to show for it. I have completely caught up with pieces that needed to be remade and I made peace with the listed ones that should be done that I clearly am not doing until they are ordered. Saturday was a day out with the family. We went out to lunch, saw Green Lantern and did some needed shopping. By the time we were home it was already time for dinner. Sunday, being Father's day, was a trip in the morning to the in-laws, then a bike ride for the kids which is speed walking for me and cleaning the house before we had the previously mentioned in-laws over for dinner. The whole time we were just trying to enjoy the wonderful windy weather before this weeks predicted 108º destroys.

When I sat down to write this morning I couldn't even remember what I had talked about on Friday...right, the video. I appreciate the kind words I've received and I'm glad a few of you were amused by my picot comment. Though I really should have, I didn't script the video. So that was just me rambling while attempt to convey a concept. I keep thinking that one day I'll do a proper class, but I worry that no one would even show up. I'm not certain my town would care at all and so I don't even try.

I had a message waiting for me this morning regarding a rush mask, so if that customer returns when the sun is up, that's what I'll be working on today. Unfortunately, I have had a run of bad luck in that department lately. After I thought all the drama with the Italian customer was worked out, I put those items on hold, only to not hear back from them for a week. I sent a message last week and nothing, so those items are back on sale. There have also been a few other disappointing developments here and there. More folks making inquiries and never returning. In fact it's reaching a level that makes me not want to bother answering any one's questions for fear it is just a waste of my time. I won't do that though. I have an overdeveloped sense of customer service. Anyway, if today's customer bails too I think I might dig through the grab bags and try to get inspired. I admit as much as I love the heat, it does suck the creativity and motivation right out of me so I need external inspiration. Well, I better go enjoy the morning cool while it exists.


Anika said...

That's so terrible how people just flake out. I really enjoy your tatting videos on youtube, even though I'm a shuttle tatter. I'm fascinated by seeing it done differently.

How did you get into needle tatting as opposed to shuttle? I'm sure you've probably mentioned that before, so maybe I'll be stalkerish and look at some ancient posts. haha

Sherry said...

Yes, Anika, she's pretty much convinced me to try the needles SOONER rather than later! Did you see in her new video how EASILY she tucked those ends in??! THAT is certainly reason enough to give them a try LOL!!
And you know you can NEVER have too much of an overdeveloped sense of customer service - sometimes we get tired of saying or hearing it, but yes, the customer IS always right, even if it takes a bit of consultation or persuasion LOL!! With all the wonderful things you do, it's obvious that PATIENCE must be one of you top virtues!