Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday was one of those days that if erased from memory would have little or no bearing on the future. In other words it was generally boring, uneventful and dull. Of course I'm going to tell you about it anyway because that is what I do.

The one memorable event came courtesy of my four year old. As I leaned over to hug her early in the morning as we sat on the couch, she burst into tears. I thought I had accidentally hurt her, but no, she was upset because she had shoved a small spongy butterfly up her nose. She only told me because it had started to hurt. I imagine it hurt because it had made it all the way into her nasal cavity. Lucky for me I had learned many things during the previous nose incident which involved a crayon and I had falsely assumed had taught her not to do this sort of thing again. A few minutes with the nasal irrigation thing and the bright red chunk flew out and all was right with the world.

After a short schooling session, I spent the rest of the day remaking a pair of ankle corsets. It's funny sometimes I start to question why I charge so much for a piece, then I remake it. Seriously, some of these things take forever and have fiddly bits that come close to enraging me as I work them up, never mind that I designed the them that way. I am instantly reminded of the logic behind the prices. There was little else that happened yesterday. I tried to catch up on my reading for 1book140 on twitter. Even though I never engage in the conversation I lurk and enjoy very much knowing what is happening and the various, sometimes overly analytical interpretations. I also want to get it finished quickly because I have another strange book I just picked up that I want to read. When I was younger I would have read them at the same time, but I just have far too much going on now to jungle another separate plot line especially when The Blind Assassin already has three of its own. I barely have the brain power available to deal with one book anymore and its a shame because I was once an avid reader. now if it's not a kids book, a comic or online I don't read much.

I did hear back from the custom order customer and their piece has been ordered. I will work on that one today and hopefully tat or do something worth mentioning tomorrow. Thanks for the toe commiseration and other comments yesterday. I really don't think I'm a wonder woman, as the amount of things I don't get around to is large, but it feels good to hear it. I just try to do what needs to be done and hope the things I chose to focus on are the important ones.

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Sherry said...

Home schooling, nasal irrigation, finishing orders in a timely fashion - doesn't seem like you're very far off the "important" path :-)