Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shinier Things

Now, I promise not to dwell on this for too long, but I felt a short update was in order. No, I did not get a response from my admittedly strongly worded message to the person using my design to make tatted necklaces for sale. Instead, the seller renewed their entire shop in an effort, I suppose to get more exposure, or perhaps as a taunt to me personally. Either way, my annoyance continues. I heard more tales yesterday of crafters who will never share having heard mine and other stories like it. It makes me sad. I also thought about engaging in a childish game I would have called bury the listings by renewing myself. I though better of it and just a few hours later it was done anyway just by the natural flow of product listings. So yeah lady, go ahead and keep spending that money to's clearly working.

Moving on to shinier things. You might be wondering what the hell it is that I'm making here. Well, it's a brand new mask design. I was given the charge of recreating a mask that isn't a mask at all using tatting and sequins. Yes, I said sequins. The 'wasn't a mask at all' looks like it was actually glued right to the models face. Yeah, sequins and giant spider appliques just tacked right on to her impossibly beautiful face. Anyway, I decided that I needed more wire support for the larger face coverage so I added that forehead wire. Then I decided that instead of wire wrapping the whole assembly at the end I'd crochet around the wire in the beginning. I'm still not sure that was the right call at all. In fact my only relief at this point is I know that I will be adding a copious amount of sequins to the design, thus obscuring any mistakes I make at the start.

As you can tell, I've not gotten very far yet and in another possibly foolish move, I've decided to just design as I tat. I gave the mask a simple vine base and the top portion is likely to be basically a section of a doily design that appears in my head as I create it. Again, I am aware this could be disastrous, but I really hate the paper and pencil design process. I'd rather just get the thread out and sink or swim. Why am I even engaging in this craziness? Well, first I was asked and often I run with things like this regardless of the consequences. Second, because I've really been looking for an excuse to make another 'art' piece. You know something ridiculously complex that will likely never sell, but it's mere existence make you feel like a real artist rather than a sweat shop employee. It of course is going to take some time to get finished, but I will keep you abreast of any progress and wish me luck with this one!

4 comments: said...

I made the mask pattern you put on instructables and I can see why paper and pencil designing won't work. I am always amazed by the solutions you come up with. Have fun!

Nick said...

I have to say, even unfinished, this is beautiful. I also love the fact that you make these as you go. There's something more raw and artistic about it. Love it and keep up the amazing work!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Hi Girl
I cant wait to see the finished mask. I understand your frustration about the necklaces and I did a little "research" of my own and found said persons shop and let me say bull sh** I mean heck if you are gonna copy someones designs ateast have the nerve to change it a little bit. Its not fair It has happened to me but people just have no scruples or creativity of their own...
PS I may have a new color for you to test ;) not yet though I dyed a tiny batch of the color just to see. When things calm down I will get more done!
Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

I dig it. It's kind of "Eyes Wide Shut." I mean it as a compliment. Very cool.