Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well, That's A Relief

Well, the ankle corsets are done. They each have 60 swarovski crystals sewn into them and hopefully sometime today I'll get the time and light needed to get them photographed and listed. I also woke up this morning to my first sale in days. It was small, but I went five whole days without a single one. That may not seem like too long, but I was really beginning to worry. I hope this sale has lots of close friends soon. So, I suppose I start the day on a positive note. It won't last long though as I get to go back to the dentist today to get a filling done. In fact the pace at which I seem to get cavities despite decent brushing habits prompted my dentist to send me home with prescription toothpaste. I didn't even know there was such a thing. Apparently is has high levels of fluoride to help strengthen teeth and prevent future cavities, fun huh? The rest of the family escaped their dental appointments with approval and smiles.

Also yesterday was the end of year ceremony for the virtual school my daughter does home school through. She received every award they give out, perfect attendance(yeah, I know), high honor roll, reading and progress. The program also included their 8th grade graduation as well as a kindergarten one. It's so nice that the school does these events to give the kids a sense of public accomplishment. I know it's a bad picture, but she's the one in the middle with the butterfly shirt. I don't remember which award this was for, but the husband got pictures of them all.

We've got the last field trip of the year tomorrow to Columbia State Park for a gold rush thing. I hope I really do get some tatting done today because clearly that day will be a wash too. Like I keep saying, there are a couple of fairly quick remakes and then I want to do the thick choker, which will likely take as long as the ankle corsets, but at least it will be new right? The plan is laid out and and now to get to it.

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