Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taking Shape

Still working on the new mask with little to distract me except the most recent freak storm to roll through California. I'd complain, but I enjoyed the cool weather this time knowing that triple digits are headed this way by the weekend, but I digress...back to the mask. I finished up the outer edge working on wire I added to the sides. The shape was great, but it is always a challenge to work in three dimensions. I worked the outside loosely to make sure that the mask rounds over the face. I was stumped on these diamond shaped holes for quite some time. With the last mask I didn't bother with fill in because I was working all those areas with sequins. This time I wanted it whole.

I tried a bunch of different motifs before I recalled another lesson I've learned. Stick with the same motif. Instead of looking outside the existing design, look into it instead and pull out the elements that can be adjusted to accommodate the space that you're working in. I borrowed a clover from the center motif and then used the same vine pattern with some creative attachments. I also added an additional row of scallops on the bottom edge and the tatting was complete. The last mask took a few more days before I reached this point. I guess the lessons learned are really paying off.

Next up was the time consuming task of covering the wire. I wrapped the eyes in the usual fashion, though even that was slow going as getting a good grip on the piece was difficult due to its size. On the top wire I opted to cover it with actual tatting as you would a ring. I did this so that I could keep a constant stitch count between the attached elements. Since they were so loose, I couldn't rely on them to stay where they were put and I needed an even spacing. As you can see, once the wires are covered the pieces seems to have an established shape and despite working on the fly, it fits like a dream.

Now it's onto the sequins. I already started on the eye edges and I will do the outside edge all the way around. Then I think I will added them to the fill in sections and see how that looks. After those it's many crystals and embroidery with the silver thread. After that I get to see if I can stumble upon another fabulous photographer and model to get it properly photographed. I may just ask my brother, because I am ridiculously paranoid about putting it in the mail after all it's predecessor went though. Wow, I am totally getting ahead of myself. Sewing sequins should at least take a few days by itself and I'm visualizing tons of embroidery and that should take some time as well. So that's the plan anyway and we'll just have to see how it goes.

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