Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank You

You guys are so sweet to respond so kindly to what was, I'll admit, quite a whiny call for attention. Not that I didn't need it as everything was just piling up and weighing me down all at once. I truly appreciate every comment and kind word, but please don't feel like you have to keep it up...I really do know you're out there. Sometimes I just need a little reassurance that I honestly haven't begun just talking to hear myself speak...metaphorically of course, I don't actually narrate the blog out loud.

Yesterday was more than just a turning point for comments. After I had to tell the Italian customer no, I had quite a back and forth with them and eventually a solution arose with a relative in Europe that could receive the package and then send it to them. I was terribly relieved not only because I didn't scare away the customer completely, but I also had no desire to ship to Italy regardless of the customs rules. Their postal system has a horrific reputation. This did put me in a better mood to start the day and though the customer won't be making the purchase for a few days, I began remaking the pieces I was putting on hold for them. Then I felt busy and productive.

I took a break from that to play with the motif I showed you yesterday. I had an idea in mind, but then I ran across this large copper bit from the grab bag stuff. It fit so well in the center that rather than work a new piece I added some rings to attach it to the already existing piece of tatting. There was a hole in the center of the copper bit that I also tatted a sort of flower into and then I added some chunky copper toned chain. I'm not quite done, I still need to add the clasp and make sure the whole piece hangs well. It seems to, but it needs wearing to make certain.

I still plan on playing with the motif some more, but it will have to wait because just as I finished this, I finally got a sale of substance. This gives me a few pieces that need to be remade and there is also still one more piece on hold that I can also get made again. So, this morning I feel busy and loved and generally ready to take on the world. Thanks again for the attention. It should hold me over for quite some time.


rivercitylizzy said...

Awww...*hugs* you can have all the attention you like, Pam! Glad things are working out with the Italian customer ;)

Love this new necklace, it's gorgeous! and folks are loving my new "Twilight" necklace--first time I wore it everyone had to come up and try to touch it (hey hands off the bust people!!)

Ginny W said...

I do understand that i think we all need each other at times. I do enjoy your blog and i look at it ever day even though i dont leave comments i should. I will try to do that more often

Ann Martin said...

I love your matter-of-fact posts and am amazed you blog at about the same time of day I do, yet you are on the opposite side of the country. Your early morning productivity is so inspiring... I'm a morning person too, but not nearly as much of one as you!

Sherry said...

So glad today is looking up - hope it CONTINUES for a record-breaking month of June sales!!! And you know that writing what is on your mind is good for your soul, whether anyone else reads it or not, lol!! ~Tatikan/Sher