Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday's Not Much Better

I'm tired...and I still feel sick. I'm still thinking the whole thing could be allergies though. A month or so ago we had a snap of rain and as son as it was over I had the worst allergy attack ever. It was so bad that I thought I was sick then and it sort of feels like that again. Since we just had a three day rain, I suppose it is likely that the rain just brought out too many allergens for my system to handle. Not that it really matters, I feel like crap either way. It didn't help that I was answering custom order questions that will probably not result in sales. I had someone ask, after they requested a custom color of one of my pieces,  if I could make a necklace that another seller made because my 'hand seems neater'. I appreciate the compliment of course, but had a hard time trying to find a way of saying 'no I won't make copy of another artist's work' without insulting the customer by implying that their request was unethical. I don't think I was successful in that regard as they have yet to come back and purchase the initially requested item...oh, well.

When the sun came out yesterday I made myself presentable or at least less sick looking and got the new choker photographed and listed. I seriously contemplated adding a little hanging something from the center as well as the other end rings, but decided that I should start with the plain and repeatable design. I might go back and do a second embellished one at some point. I've also thought about doing the design in graduated colors since its worked in three rows not counting the center motif. It's always nice when a simple design can be morphed so many times over. It's almost as if I intended to create a cohesive line from the begining. It's not true, but I can plausibly claim it.

I started remaking that pair of spat ankle corsets yesterday as well. I thought I was ahead when I found that I had already begun work on a pair and then likely abandoned it for another project. Turns out though that the hand dyed gray I used in the second round was the end of that particular dye batch and so I had to cut out the work I had already begun and settle for an already begun center round. This would be the real drawback to having colors dyed for me. I really wish there was a consistent, manufactured steel gray that I like so I don't have to worry about this sort of thing, though I do like the mottle in the hand dyed stuff.

So I should finish up the ankle corsets today and I'm thinking I might dive into the grab bags and come u with some one off pieces to get made and listed. I've been making such large and complex pieces that some simple lower priced ones might be in order to balance everything out and hopefully inspire some sales to get this June rolling. Here's hoping that the allergies subside soon and I can start feeling good again.

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