Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer's Here

I'm still sitting about in a sort of haze this week. I'm not sure if it's the return to California's real summer weather, the end of schooling, something else or a combination of factors. Whatever it is has me feeling fairly unproductive and a bit rundown. My broken toe is feeling better. It's still achy and sore and doesn't like be touched, but that seems to be rarely a problem due to its protected central position. When I broke my pinkie toe I seemed to hit it on everything and the kids were constantly stepping one it. I dare say that this one might actually heal up quickly and quietly. Yes, I knocked on wood.

I did get a few things finished up yesterday. I got photos of the new necklace and the embellished barefoot sandals. I ended up adjusting the picot count on this pair so I could use a few less crystals. They were going to be so close together that the outside chains wouldn't have laid down at all. I'll pop these in the mail this morning and that completes all my outstanding orders. I also got a new asymmetrical ring necklace tatted up yesterday. I didn't have the energy to do another photo shoot though since at this point the temperature was threatening triple digits, but I should get around to that this morning while coolness prevails.

Next up is my spat looking ankle corsets that need remaking. I've saved them until last since they are the most complex of the remakes. Okay, maybe not entirely last as I do still have several masks that could use making, but since they are already listed, there is no urgency there. I'll work on the spats today and this evening we're heading to the county fair. Every time we visit the home arts building I think that one day I ought to enter some tatting, but I never do. There is only one lady that ever does and she lives out of town. I am such an isolated tatter, but at least I have the Internet and you guys to keep me company electronically.


Michelle said...

Do enter something in the home arts building! You have really taken tatting in a bold, new direction and have many things that are truly exciting to enter!

jenilin said...

First stop being so hard on yourself you have done storage one project a day so you are being productive. You should enter something people at the fair would be lucky to see your art in person you have a special design talent that shows tatting in a very modern way. I glad to hear your toe is getting better. Have a great day

rivercitylizzy said...

Wow the crystals on that tatting look so lovely!! Might have to pick up a pair of embellished barefoot sandals, finally ;)

Imoshen said...

You should definately enter. I've gotten in the habit of entering my county fair, ours is in the fall. Since entering, we had 3 new tatters locally last year. It's a good way to promote tatting, and you make such lovely pieces that people can't help but be inspired to try for themselves. I would send some entries your way but I live 2 counties south of you, so I don't think I qualify to enter. ^_^