Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, Monday

I wanted to start off the day with a nice, 'Happy Monday', but as luck would have it, I woke up with the sensation of something dead in my throat. I started feeling bad last night thinking it was allergies, this morning I'm not so sure anymore. I suppose I should just thank my lucky stars that whatever this is waited until after my busy, overbooked week to strike. That however does not make me feel any better this morning with the sore throat, stuffed and simultaneously running nose. I know that you love all these

I was busy much of the weekend, but I managed a little time for tatting in the evenings. As such I managed to finish up the wide choker design that I've been yammering on about. It's basically the same as the 'Midnight' slave bracelet, which is what this is a picture of since I was feeling too lazy to get a picture of the new piece when it was finished. Well lazy and a little sick anyway. I will make an effort to get the clasps on and get it photographed today. Of course that does depend on how sick I feel later once the morning gunk has passed. I'm still holding out a little hope that it's just a bad allergy attack brought on by the unseasonable weather we've been having...rain in California...what the hell is going on round here anyway.

There is also just one more week and a couple of days left of home schooling for the year. It's weird to be so out of sync with the other schools who are already on vacation, but the days should be short as we were ahead in most subjects. I'll try to also get some tatting done today. I'm working on remaking a necklace and I sold a pair of my spat looking ankle corsets over the weekend and I should get those made up as well. Of course that was one of only two sales recently. Seriously, it's almost like a ghost town over in my shop, but my stats show that May has always been a down month and June continues to have some serious down time before sales get better. So at least it's a consistent pattern. Doesn't make me any less uneasy about it though, but I digress. Tatting, hoping I feel better and perhaps later on today a new listing. Here's to a fresh week.

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