Monday, June 27, 2011


I am so tired this morning and it's all because I stayed out late on Saturday. It wasn't even real people late, but for me it meant 4 hours of sleep that night and even though I got a full nights sleep last night, my body is still not satisfied with the amount of rest I have given it. I am however, getting ahead of myself. Friday was exactly what I thought it would be, mask making and errand running. I did very little else as I wanted to get the mask in the post on Saturday. I did get one more pendant made up, but I was too distracted to get a chain made for it. I think it might be a jasper stone in the center, but that's just a wild guess and I don't even remember whether I used Lizbeth or cebelia for the tatting.

On Saturday I did receive one set of the silver filigrees I ordered. They do match the first one I used perfectly and as a free bonus, the seller included two of the same finding in brass. I had one customer inquire about me making a similar pendant in purple, so after I confirm which purple they would prefer I'll get that made up. I did work up another black one, but I added more beads, so I'll have to take pictures of that before I can list it. I added the beads so that the first one can retain its one of a kind status. Though honestly, I forgot the exact stitch count I used on that one anyway since I knew it was a one off, I didn't pay any attention, so it was probably different enough anyway.

After having an absolutely wonderful time out with friends too late on Saturday, we had a cousins sleep over to work. Only the Sunday morning bit, but it was cleaning up sleeping bags and then off to Starbucks for morning drinks and the doughnut shop and over to Grandma's house. By the time we got back home, I was so tired that I actually took a nap. Of course when I woke I was immediately reminded why I don't nap. My eyes hurt and I felt wonky not rested for the remainder of the day.

So onto today which is the husbands birthday. We'll be off doing celebratory things for that much of the day, but if I get a little time I'll at least get these last two pendants finished and listed. The rest of the week I'll need to really buckle down and do some promoting as I'm on yet another multiple day gap with no sales. One last thing for today, I was reminded that there haven't been any kitten pictures lately, so allow me to remedy that with cat sleeping on my legs. This one is Neko, but I'll try to get some of the whole lot of them for you soon.


jenilin said...

hi pamela i just woke up from a 3 hour nap i know how you feel with the yawn!!!!!! my son is now 2 months it i s amazing how time passes. anyway i have a thought you could give these pieces you are making similar sort of names and make them a collection they are ooak but similar and i think of them as a new collection of designer pieces i know you do the labrynth for a lot of pieces but man these pieces are really something special i really look forward to seeing each new piece a day. oh and i wish your husband a happy birthday! I haven't seen your birthday when is it i remember a while ago you doing the kids parties.

Anika said...

4 hours! I couldn't survive... Your cats are stunning ^_^