Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello Out There

I am feeling much better this morning, though the distinct lack of comments over the last week and a half has me wondering if anyone was listening when I said I felt bad in the first place. Not that I comment often on blogs that I read either, even the ones I read daily so really ought not complain, but man it's been a complete ghost town in much of my online existence.

I finished up the pair of ankle corsets I was working on, but not before I realized that I had made a huge error in the center that had to be fixed. The piece I thought I had started and abandoned was actually an attempt at a bracelet version and was two rings and chains shorted than it was suppose to be. I didn't notice until I had finished the first two rounds of both pieces. This caused me to have to cut and redo the center of both the pieces, add more motifs, cut out a few in the wrong place and then add the edging. This of course took longer than I had hoped and I just didn't have the energy to play grab bag tatting. Instead I decided to do a twitter giveaway for old pieces and play with vintage patterns.

Most of my attempts were complete washes as I didn't have the focus required to interpret the thickly written patterns. Usually with the help of the photos I can figure them out, but I failed at several of them before I finally found one straight forward enough for my tired brain to get. I think I might begin morphing this one today. I see a few adjustments I could make to strengthen the design and work it into a choker or bracelet. I might even look into replacing the center motif with a filigree bit. It's really too early to tell what it might or might not become.

The saga of the ghost town shop continues and this morning as I was writing, to add insult to injury, I received a few messages from a potential customer requesting that I hold a few items for them. What's the insult there, you ask? Not an insult really, but since I'd already used the phrase...anyway, they're from Italy. Yes, silly Italy that will not allow me to ship lace there. I know they are just trying to protect their native industries, but since etsy does not allow us to block individual countries from purchasing, I have to say 'sorry, no'. At least this time I got a message first instead of having to cancel an already completed sale. So it seems that I am turning people away left and right with the not copying another persons work and this Italy stuff. I guess that makes it my own fault then.

So I'll probably play with the new motif today and there was a couple more patterns I might try again with a fresher brain. Without any pending projects I'll just let the day go and roll where it takes me.


jenilin said...

hi there you are being heard, I am listening or rather reading anyway. I have commented but since i am reading from my phone while nursing it seems the many steps i have to go through have not been completed. Great piece today it is beautiful. My suggestion which never got through to you the other day was a tablespoon of local honey can really help with those allergies; something like an immunization where you get some of the stuff and your body gets used to it. Your blog is my me time of the day, and i get a lot of pleasure from reading it. Have a great day

TotusMel said...

Thanks for breaking the silence Jenlin! I have tried the honey before, this was just a bad attack I guess.

I really do appreciate everyone who reads even if they don't comment ;-)

Sherry said...

I admit I didn't read yesterday's post, but I try to get through at least about 15 different blogs' new posts every day. I rarely comment unless I think I have something to say that may be useful in some way because I tend to think it burdensome to just see "oh, that's lovely", "I really like the color", the little short posts... but I guess I need to look at it from a different perspective, since I'm contemplating starting a blog, if it were MY blog, I think I really WOULD appreciate ANY little note, like you say, just to know that someone out there really IS reading what I put out... Well, dear Totusmel, I ALWAYS look forward to your posts and find a bit of a sad hollow spot on days that you're "not there". I DO feel bad for you when things aren't going well or YOU aren't feeling well... I guess I need to think from the blogger's perspective and add a little post (not so long as this lol!) to let you know that I really do care! I've said before, if we read through the lines, I'm amazed at ALL that you do, with homeschooling, designing, keeping up the store, and all the behind the scenes stuff that goes with that... I really think you are "Wonder Woman" at heart!!

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

Ah Pam you know I always read, and I am glad you feel better now :) I am glad you got the new motif done, even with the mistakes, and no, I don't always comment, I follow 0ver 100 blogs, so I don't comment on all of them either, just randomly on a few :) but you know I absolutely adore your items, and have drawn many people to browse your items :D.. keep on the mend, and always wear a smile :)

A.G. said...

I'm surprised you don't get more comments what with your hundreds of followers! It's probably because you just seem so together and busy, whereas people who tat little motifs and complain about picots may get a ton of advice and like-stories in their comments. I must admit that I get excited when your posts are in my feed because I quite admire your pieces. I think I'll try to comment more!

Michelle said...

I always assumed you have a zillion comments so I don't say anything. I really admire your work and the diverse, new and interesting ways you've taken tatting.
I recently taught some of my students to tat (we had an exploratory learning day at school) and I showed them your etsy and blog to show them some of the wonderful possibilities out there.
As a teacher, I would like to add how much I admire your discipline with homeschooling, I know what hard work it is and to do with your own children (which must also be fantastic) would require outstanding discipline.
So brava, we're out here, reading and learning from you!