Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morning All

We had a fairly nice day yesterday, but all the adventuring does mean there was little tatting. Of course I knew that was going to happen so before we started in the morning I got to work early. I fished up the chain on the mocha colored pendant after digging through the grab bag for matching beads. I'm actually pretty shocked that I came up with four of the same bead that compliments the center stone.

I decided to leave the black one on a ribbon like the first version. This makes it less expensive as well even though it had more silver. Making the chain takes some time and since I can make more exactly the same this way it seems like a good plan. I renamed it as well to reflect the additional beads make it look studded.

After all this it was off on a bike ride. Then there was lunch out and a trip to see Cars 2 with some more family. When we got home we sent the children up to nap and that's when I got an order for a mask that will need making. I got to work on it, but I really didn't have much time before the family was over for the husbands birthday dinner.

The dinner ate up the rest of the day so today it's back to working on the mask and that will likely be much if not all of the day. The rest of the week should be back to normal, but then there's the Fourth Of July holiday coming up and after that we have our annual anniversary trip. So basically nothing will really settle into a rhythm again until school in back in session. Oh and here's the cat picture for today. This one is JiJi lounging in the bathroom as he often does and I am out.

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