Friday, June 10, 2011

The Copper Queen

While I was not granted any more sales yesterday, I did keep myself busy. I finished up a bracelet and got that listed in the morning before schooling. Then after, I got some listing photos of the new necklace and got that up. I had worn it around the house all morning and it laid quite well. I was initially worried it was just going to fold up on itself, but using multiple chains on the sides appears to have done the trick. Also the weight of the chains hanging from the design seem to give it further stability. Making jewelry isn't just about pretty, there is always practicality as well. I know that seems silly coming from someone who makes so many useless and some might say ridiculous pieces, but they can all be worn.

I didn't get around to doing anything else new yesterday though. I remade a pair of barefoot sandals and that pretty much ate up the rest of the afternoon. One of the pieces I sold the other day was one of my asymmetric ring necklaces. I'm not going to try to exactly replicate it as I really did just make it up as I went, but I do want another one similar back in the shop, so I'll likely start off the day with that task. After that there is one more mask I want to get remade. Though honestly there are quite a few of those listed as custom pieces that should get made. I just don't seem to get stressed over them this time of year. Though come fall, I'll be tripping over myself to get them made so perhaps I should use some forethought. Yeah, I wouldn't count on that happening either.

I did want to say thank you one more time for all the recent comments. It really is quite humbling to know how many people really do read my nonsense and I hear some of you have even made a routine of it. While the self deprecating me would like to remind you that there are far better things to do with your time, I think I'll just stick with the thank you and I do hope that I can continue to be helpful, or entertaining, or whatever it is you see in me for many years to come. Well, I guess that's it from me for the week. It should be a fairly low key weekend so maybe I'll have something to share on Monday.


Fox said...

Lovely piece.
Fox : )

JQ said...

Hello I just came upon your blog, and thus got TOTALLY sidetracked in your etsy! Fabulous lace! I haven't got the hang of tatting yet, but I'm a crochet buff, and enjoy making jewelry too! Total eye candy up in here. :D

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

I love seeing what you have to and, and what you have done on a daily basis. keep blogging!

Anika said...

I love when tatting is adorned with chains, it's so cool!


Michelle said...

That necklace is stunning.

You write every morning, I read every morning (except today)

Kri said...