Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three For Three

While I will admit to some momentary sprawling in the heat, it was mostly a very productive day. I got to work as early as possible and had the mask I was working on completed before the heat started to creep up. Then I dove into the grab bag and got to work on some simple one off pieces. All these pieces were done with grab bag bits so I can't remake any of them unless I happen to stumble upon the same filigree pieces. For this first one I tatted a full piece with petals you can see under the metal, added turned in picots and sterling beads. It sold in 20 minutes.

Though by the time it sold I was well into making a second piece. This one started with some  copper bits and ivory thread. I did a simple tatted edge, decided I wasn't done and added some more. Again I decided it didn't feel complete even after I added the chain, so I dug through the grab bag and added what I think is a quartz bead. It's a creamy color with some peach colored inclusions. I thought it matched well anyway.

Since the first piece had sold so quickly I thought I'd try for a second in the same vein. This time the metal is brass and a bit larger than the first bit so I only tatted around it. I used hand dyed purple thread and brass colored seed beads. I also added some brass rings to connect the first round to the second and the filigree at the turned in picots. The hole in the center of the filigree was really large so I added some more tatting and another small filigree there to complete the look. These pieces were quite fun to make and it's a shame I don't have any similar filigree bits to make more. I started looking for them last night, but so far no luck.

What is not a shame is that for the first time ever, everything I made yesterday sold. This is completely unprecedented. I have to say there is not much that feels as good as having your work fly out of the shop right into hands that love it. I'll probably spend some time looking for similar filigrees again and I might play with some more grab bag pieces. I haven't had any really big ideas lately, so the small pieces keep my brain and my hands working. Also bracing myself for today's predicted heat, but it's suppose to cool off after this. Today's can't possibly match yesterday's whirlwind, but I will try...I will try.

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Michelle said...

It's easy to see why they all sold so quickly, they're gorgeous pieces.