Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Again

Starting the day with no plan is odd for me. I usually have a clear plan minutes after I wake in the morning or at the very least have formulated one by the time I start to write. Consequently, with said plan, yesterday was a little haphazard. The day started with too much laundry since I hadn't done it the day before due to the heat and me being lazy. Then I started digging through those grab bags for something to inspire me. That's when I decided that maybe the same basic design I've been creating with the filigree bits could stand on their own with just a few beads for character. This first one used a mountain jade bead in the center and on the chains along with some seed beads I've had lying around forever.

Then I dug around some more and found a few purple Russian Charoite beads. I bought these ages ago too. I've used a couple of them before, but it's been awhile. I adjusted the design a bit to accommodate the oval, but it's still the same basic design. Both pieces are worked in size 20 thread which is smaller than I usually work with. The center rings are worked in node stitch or Victorian sets or whatever name you have for them. I just thought it gave them a little something more interesting. Then the outside chains have an inward facing picot that makes the chain undulate a bit. I also fancied up both of the chains with beads to create more of a cohesive piece rather than the typical pendant on a chain.

I've got scads of random beads as part of the grab bags so I might just turn out a whole mess of these. I wish I could say that they work up fast, but they were slow going for a small piece with joining the beads and making the chain bits. I'm also used to working with the thicker needle and I am heavy handed which means I bend the hell out of the thinner needle. I also had to resort to using a beading needle in a few places to get the thread through the beads the second time which meant un-threading and re-threading repeatedly. I still love the simple design though, so yes, there will be more.

I might try to run some errands this morning, or not. I haven't really made up my mind on that one. I do have a mask that was sold last night that needs making, so that is my primary task today. The temperatures are suppose to be back to normal for this time of year as well, so no more cave dwelling for me. Maybe I'll sit outside for a spell, watch the swallows build and tat. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. let's go with that.


Tatfully Yours said...

Tatting outside sounds like a great idea!! Can I join you?

Anonymous said...

I love that - great!

Unknown said...

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have a pink rianbow day
georgia from ohio

...irida... said...

υπέροχη ιδέα!!!μπράβο!!!!