Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two More

Nope, yesterday was not nearly as awesome as the day before. I scrambled around the house early in the morning to get things done before the heat arrived. It arrived very quickly and the house was shut up like a cave. Add to the cave two of my very active nieces and my daughters switched on all the crazy they possess. It was therefore, a tiring morning. After lunch my charges were gathered up by my sister and my kids went down for a nap. Then I got some things done.

First up was this small one. I just tatted round a ring and added the small diamond shaped piece to the center as I went. Then I added a couple of other silver beads from the grab bag to the top and bottom and it was done. I was asked after I posted this if I had plans to do a video of tatting around a ring. I want to say someone has already done that, but google didn't immediately find it for me. I guess I'll put it on the list for later. Of course this is yet another technique that I worked out for myself, so I could do it completely wrong...or at least very different from the usual method. I really have no idea, but it seems to work for me.

The second piece I got done was more of a challenge. The grab bag had these large three dimensional  flowers. I have two others, but they are gold colored and I won't use gold, so this brass one is the only one you'll see for now. The first row just followed the contours of the petals and the second row was similar to the design I used on two of the pieces I showed you yesterday. Then I tatted up a flower for the center with a couple more beads and spent forever getting it securely attached. I hung this one from brass chain on two sides to distribute the weight and let it hang nicely. I am quite fond of this one and I know I can get more of these flower components in brass as well as silver. I think it even comes in copper. So if this sells, it might come back, at least a similar one anyway.

Speaking of components, after more searching, I did locate a small amount of the silver flower filigree from the first pendant in yesterday's post and ordered those up. I was also directed to another silver bit that I liked enough to pick up a few of as well. Both of these necklaces are still in the shop by the way, no crazy sell off for me again. I don't have any real set tatting plans for today, so I guess we'll just see where the day takes me.

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