Friday, June 3, 2011

Done And Done

Yikes, what a long day. I started off by getting a cameo pendant remade as that was what sold yesterday and when that was done it was still too early to get photos of the ankle corsets so I opted to make something instead. During my last supply order I picked up some new silver filigree bits exactly like the copper ones I've used before and some others that were just similar so I could eventually make this necklace. It's such a nice quick piece, but the metal bits really make it a neat know in my opinion anyway.

Then it was off to get schooling done for the day. When I finished that up my house guests decided to go out for a run which gave me the perfect opportunity to get those photos done. I hate doing them in front of people because when I do, I am mocked for looking ridiculous. I really do look ridiculous, but the picture usually come out relatively good so it's worth it in the end I suppose. Anyway, I got that done and the ankle corsets finally listed and then I proceeded to accomplish nothing for a couple of hours.

I started to get productive a bit later and worked on the new thick choker design, but with my dental appointment getting closer, I was a bit distracted. It's not that I still get nervous at the dentist, I was just afraid of getting too engaged in work and losing track of time. So next up was the dentist and a small filling. I managed to get a lot of reading done there. I'm doing the the twitter book club thing again, it's now called "1book140" and we're reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, but I digress. When I got home the anesthetic started making me incredibly sleepy so I think I got a whole ring or two done on the choker before I called it a night.

Today it's off to the mountains to get my Gold Rush on with the family. In fact we're leaving in just a couple of hours so I really ought to get my tush up and going. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

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