Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Bride

So while yesterday wasn't normal, it was much closer than usual. There were bike rides and video games and copious amounts of plants acquired, but through it all, I managed to not only tat, but to actually finish something as well.

All sewed together and listed is the newest veil product, this one in white hopefully perfect for a bride somewhere. The tatted motif is the same as the black version except that it is in white. The feathers however are different. I couldn't find the ostrich in white at the shop I got them from, so rather that buy from multiple sources, I opted for coque saddle feathers. It's a much denser fringe of feathers and as I mentioned yesterday, there is an off white character to them. They are also a bit longer I think making the stripped feathers not stand out quite as much. I don't think any of the differences are a bad thing at all, just differences.

I then started work on making another elytra necklace so it can be listed again. I do have a dentist appointment, so I'm not certain if I'll get that done today or not. Then I need to decide whether the feather pad version of the hair pieces without the veils should have a hair comb, a clip or maybe even on a headband. Yeah, I probably won't bother with the head band idea, not versatile enough. I like the idea of being able to wear the piece wherever you want.

I do still need to make the motifs for the other pieces, so again, it might be a while before they are realized. It does feel good to get back to work and here's hoping that June is a successful month both creatively and fiscally.


Vi-Hearts said...

Lovely piece, I almost wish I was a bride, it's so beautiful. I'm always amazed at how your able to produce so much. It really shows that you love your craft.

Fox said...

That is stunning. Very impressive, creative tatting.
Fox : )

FantasyDreamKnits said...

That is just beautiful! Makes me wish I was getting married again. LOL.

TerreMum said...

This is so beautiful! I'm going to send a link to someone I know who is engaged!!