Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Woman Tatted Bracelet

Making, making, making...what's this on the table? Damn, I forgot that I made that. That's right, I was just tatting along when I looked over on the table and saw what I thought was a scrap of tatting. I picked it up and remembered that I had started making an anklet that had turned into a bracelet. All the piece needed was the finishing, a clasp or hook and a good pressing. So on a day that I assumed when have absolutely nothing new, I got to list this. I call it 'The Woman' since I started with the same edging I used for the necklace of that name. Then I added a nice ring and chain row that reflected the main design. The result is a nice little bell shape that hangs down over your hand a bit. Nice thing about the design is it's a tight repeat so I can make it almost exactly an inch smaller or larger without math.

I already had someone ask for the pattern on the facebook and I immediately stated that there was no pattern written down because I have not done that and I likely won't. Though to tell you the truth, I was a little put off by being asked so quickly after I posted it. I've been quick to give out patterns for simple designs, but the more complex the design, the more protective I get of it I suppose. Of course this is based on a vintage edging that anyone can make and it shouldn't be too hard to figure out the top row after that, so I guess I shouldn't be so defensive. I think maybe I just like a bit more praise before the 'gimmie, gimmie' or to at least let the design settle in a bit first.

I did get another piece of the veil puzzle in, but I am still waiting for one more vital component before I can begin to put the piece together. Right now I'm sussing out the best way to construct a longer birdcage veil. This one will be worn low at the top of a chignon, so the veil must go over the head and across the face without looking like it's suffocating the bride. I played with the wider piece of veiling yesterday and I think I have the concept worked out, but it will require cutting the veil into a bit of a trapezoid maybe so I need to get it right the first time. I might have some pictures for you tomorrow especially if I get that last supply. Otherwise I might try to get another one of a kind piece made up of some flavor. I guess we'll see how the day shapes up.

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