Friday, June 4, 2010

A Little Less Drama, The Fascinator

Well, hello Friday, has it been a week already? Let's see, as I predicted I worked on the author pieces and got started on the white motif in the morning. Come afternoon, I got all tarted up, threw on the wing and got the listing pictures of the new fascinator. I should have done it earlier as the light was not all that favorable inside and my new backyard does not yet contain enough lovely plants to use as a backdrop. I don't think a bare fence screams 'fancy'. Half the ones I took turned out too blurry without the flash, which I hate using, but I got enough to get it listed anyway.

Then I got back to the white version. I managed to get that all put together as well, so I'll do those photos later today and maybe get it listed or perhaps tomorrow. I have the authors mask to make today as I got a message yesterday that she will be attending an event at the end of the month so I want to get it done and shipped. I also should be getting my bobby pins in the mail today, so I might try getting some of those made up as well. I'm sot sure how I'm going to put them together until I see the bobby pins. Why don't I have any of those lying around, you ask? Well, it's just another thing that I tend to lose and since I rarely if ever put up my hair, there's not much need.

I do have a question for you though, an informal poll, I suppose. Black was an easy choice and white was a no brainer for wedding, but if I were to expand into other colors or combos, which would you like? I figured for the bobby pins a wide variety of colors is simple with nothing wasted, but for the other pieces, I want to be certain that they would actually appeal before I start the long process of supply ordering and putting them together. Any opinions greatly appreciated and I'm certain to ask on twitter as well for additional data. Alright, off to it then.


Paige said...

Color combos that would probably look great: red and black, black and white, purple and black, green tatting with brown or mottled feathers...

H J said...

If you want the latest color palettes, perusing NM online will give you an idea of what is being sold. Also, take a look in the newest arrivals jewelry section.
NM might be out of my purchasing reach, but looking is well within my budget. Inspiration is priceless.
Take a look here:

Jo Campbell said...

These sorts of accessories aren't really my thing but I think purple and green would make a great combination and a mixture of browns, esp. with patterned feathers (reminiscent of owls or falcons) or using emu feathers (which are very frondy).