Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's New In Hair Pieces

So why is it that I am more exhausted this week than last? I mean I am not scheduled tail to head, nor am I running around with my arse on fire, yet I am spent. Perhaps this is just last week catching up with...yes, that makes sense. Last week has caught up with me and I have no energy left. That being said, I did get a few things accomplished yesterday.

After a fabulously informative twitter poll on the hair attachment device of preference, I got to work assembling the new hair piece. It seems the vast majority of people who would respond to my random question prefer the security of a clip. Lucky for me, I stocked up on these things when I tried my first failed hairpieces. I say failed because I think I sold two of them and eventually unlisted the lot. I think what it came down to is they looked too simple to carry the price tag I gave them. Of course they were time consuming and I felt that the price tag was correct, but I agree that they lacked pizazz. I think these new pieces have the sparkle required to look the part.

Anyway, I got the piece finished, but I haven't yet gotten pictures of it save for this quick laptop photo I used for a sneak peek yesterday. I'll get the old wig out again and get real ones a bit later. I just thought I would also share a bit of what I learned about constructing these sort of things. People seem afraid of hot glue's stability, myself included. I used it to stage the clip and then sewed the ends with holes to the feather pad. The rest of the piece is sewed together, but every tutorial I ran across was all about just hot gluing everything together. Just seems odd that there seems to be such a disconnect people d.i.y'ers and those who would buy things. Also this is a really cheap project as far as basic materials go. In fact if I hadn't spent hours tatting, sewing embellishments and had gone with a silk flower or applique and hot glue, this thing would be under $10. Since I did do all those things though it will be much...much more. I'm just saying if you wanted to make your own version, it is totally doable.

Today I'll try to get the white pieces ready to sew together. I am still working on the gift set for the author as well. Still no sales yet this month so I'll try to take advantage of the break and get all these hair things worked out. I ordered up some bobby pins as well, so I can get a few sets of those made up when they arrive. I really hope this isn't just another failed hair clip thing. I really like them and I hope they sell, but I'll make them regardless because that's what I do.

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I don't like hot glue. Oh I love it for cheap and easy projects around the house but I don't think of it as a quality tool for hand-made projects. I find that hot glue doesn't bond very well.
Really enjoying your hair peices.