Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Purple and Silver

Well another good and productive day under the belt for the week. I got a couple of smaller pieces remade and back into the store and got the four new pieces that I had tatted on Monday assembled. I even managed to get them all photographed and listed, though it made me feel kind of spammy on Twitter to announce them all...didn't stop me, but I felt bad.

These are made with an old design that originated as a mistake. The mistake became the earrings and this was expanded from that design to make the pendant. I had ordered the wrong size of crystal way back when and it seemed the perfect size to hang in the center. This is also one of two colors of Lizbeth I decided to order when I ordered green for a customer. It's a nice grape purple shade and I thought it would go great with the brass chain as well. No sense in the brown having all the fun. I'm really liking how the brass does bring down the flashy factor that the silver has. Not that's I'm giving up on silver mind you, just a nice change of pace for a few pieces is all.

The other color I got was called silver and I was frankly curious as to whether it was actually silver or just a light gray. I decided that it is silvery gray. There is a slight sheen to the thread, but it is far from metallic in nature. I made earrings as well as the pendants in both shades. These pieces are some of the very few that I use size 20 thread on. Almost everything else save for the other earrings are made with 10. Which is why I always feel so ham fisted when I work with the smaller thread. Don't even get me started on how awkward it is for me to work with 'real' tatting thread sizes. Let's just say I only have a couple of balls of the small stuff and a couple of ridiculously tiny snowflakes that took far too long to make.

I didn't get any more bobbies done, but I did decide that I needed another shade to work on so I could make up some browns, so I orders some brass colored ones as well as some black ones just to try them out. These ones have a smaller glue pad, so I don't know how much I might have to alter the construction to make them work without slipping around. It might be as simple as adding a touch of glue before I tat them together, but it will have to wait until they arrive to test. Other than that, I have no pending projects so we'll just have to see what the day inspires me to create.

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Sewicked said...

An old friend came to visit me at lunch last week. She was talking about an intensive mask-making class that she's about to take. Of course, I had to pull up your Etsy page & show off your work; mask & non-mask alike. Good thing we were at lunch, so she had a napkin to mop up the drool.