Monday, May 31, 2010

Elytra Necklace

And here we are back at Monday. Of course this week has far less that needs to be accomplished. I have a dental appointment tomorrow and that, aside from the child's schooling, is the only planned event. Over the weekend, we had the birthday party, some gardening, I planted star jasmine, and a movie, we went to see the Shrek movie with the kids. So I am absolutely still tired this morning, but since it's a holiday, the husband is home and the kids want to go on bike rides.

So I gave you the start of the new elytra necklace and it was not only finished, but sold on Friday. Of course it sold to the fine customer who had requested it, but I shall make another as I too loved the way it turned out. I made several modifications to the pattern so that the elytra would hand at the right intervals. I had also initially tried to tat the elytra directly to the lace, but no matter how loose I made my tension it just immobilized the wing cases, and I wanted them to hang nicely and click together. So in the end I opted to put them all on jump rings and tatted those on instead. I prefer tatting on the rings as opposed to just hanging them from picots. Even though they are very light, I worry about stretching the picots all out of shape with time. Hopefully I'll get the second one done this week so I can list the piece again.

I also got my white feathers in the mail and have started the task of sewing all the elements together for the bridal veil. At first I was a little taken back by the off white of the feathers I received. I was afraid they would look awful with the stark white of the thread, but I was mistaken. The color adds another subtle dimension to the piece. You'll see when I get it done and get you some photos. I also got some feather pads upon which to build the version without the veil. We'll see how that goes. Then I need to pick up some bobby pins to try out the simple flower bobbies that were suggested. All of this may of course take weeks to get all together.

Also one small rant this morning. Dear customers with time sensitive deadlines. When you ask if I can make something in time for event and I reply that I can it would behoove you to make your purchase immediately. Every day you wait, makes it that much harder for me to complete your order because I am damn sure not making it until you make and pay for your purchase. Also, if you decide any time during the course of our conversations that you have changed your mind, you could also drop that bit of information on me as it would relieve quite a bit of stress as I sit here wondering if I'm going to have to knock out a piece in a day or two. Thank you and have a great day.


Kim said...

Oh, the necklace turned out really nice! And I agree, I love different shades of white, ecru and off white together. In fact, I'm pondering a quilt in those colors lately.

H J said...

Your rant is so spot on!
Totally in agreement with you.