Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Sepia

I feel like a bit of a cheater this morning. You see everything I'm showing you was done on Friday. The rest of the weekend was all just making sold pieces and hanging out with the family. Before I was taken by orders though, I finished the sepia mask. I made it with the discontinued light brown I love so much and used a darker brown for the outer row effectively giving the mask an outline. The only problem occurred around the eyes. Maybe it was too close to my skin tone, but it needed something there. I had covered the wire with the lighter brown because I thought it would be too hard to conceal the places where the lace attaches to the wire in a different color. So it add a bit of dimension I used a brass colored filament to embroider around the eyes. It is a subtle addition, but it seems to have worked giving the edge just a bit of darkness so it doesn't just blend it completely.

I figured I was done with the sepia collection at that point, but I still had some time and a few folk suggesting which pieces would benefit from the makeover. So next up I chose to do my Vive La Reine necklace. Though this time it was a little more work. With the mask it was separate colors for separate rows. This time I needed to do some two color tatting in the second row to separate the rings and chains at that point. Two color tatting is always a bit of a hassle with the cut thread, but I have found that if I work the rings like a single shuttle I can keep one color on the ball for just the chains. This would all be easier if I ever cut enough thread in the beginning of course.

This was the point in the day where I received a rather sizable order that contained items that needed making. In fact it was a pair of The Woman cuffs made to match the tatted spats in two grays and black. They turned out really neat, so I'm going to get pictures of them today so I can share them tomorrow. I also sold both my most recent grab bag necklaces including the Copper Princess. Luckily I had already ordered up more of those filigree pieces so when they arrive I will absolutely make that one up again. I will also be doing a few more pieces in the Sepia colors though I don't know when I'll get to those. Well, time to start this ridiculously hot Monday I suppose...I'll be in the cave.


Paige said...

I really like the sepia mask. Obviously I haven't looked into learning tatting yet as I have no real understanding of the process, but if it weren't too difficult to make it look good I think doing the inner eye in the darker brown could've been nice as well. My humble opinion, and I think it came out beautifully as is.

Autumn said...

I love the mask. In the brown color with the darker outline, it makes me think of fall leaves.