Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Off

You ever have one of those days where things are Yesterday started off with a severely failed iphone order that I won't go into detail over,but suffice it to say it put us all in a mood. Even a large order early in the day could not undo the 'off-ness' that had settled in. It continued unabated until my Mother visited and broke her foot and ankle leaving my backyard. Now I know that didn't happen to me, but it sure left me with a serious case of the 'guilt'. Nothing between those events could shake the mood that had settled in the house.

Let's see, any tatting to share...not really. I was making a mask I sold almost all day and I'm back to it today. I did get my other sequins mask listed though. You remember the other one, the big, fancy one that I made for a photo shoot on commission, but it was rejected? Well this one was the second try. The magazine fellow liked this one, but after several communications mostly including the phrase, 'next month' I gave up. This sucker has been sitting around for months, but now it is finally listed. This one is just my signature mask plus hours...make that days of hand sewing strategically located sequins to not cover up all of the tatting and maintain the same shape. Yep, this one is expensive too.

I also woke up this morning to more custom work and I've been getting requests for more time sensitive custom mask work. In short, I'm going from free time to design to not enough time to breath...and I like breathing. So for the next while I might be oscillating between overwhelmed and lacking anything interesting to share and overwhelmed with a bunch of custom projects to share. I'll try to keep my composure and get pictures while I handle these custom pieces so you have something pretty to look at, but I seriously need a nap already and I just woke up.


Kim said...

Well, I'm glad you had a few days to be creative before you were inundated, at least! Hope your mom feels better soon!

Sewicked said...

Ouchies. I'm sorry to hear about your mom & the 'off-ness' of the day. I hope that today has improved. I look forward to seeing the custom pieces.