Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Bride And A Princess

I got some pictures of the custom veil for the listing yesterday morning so I thought I'd start today off showing you a better one. The listing is also up with a few more pictures though I feel compelled to mention that the price listed on it (that you can no longer see because it just sold) has a story behind it and it's not what I will charge in the future for a similar piece. The sole reason I have made a single hairpiece or veil was because this person asked and as a thank you for a brand new product line I knocked the price down. I actually wanted to make it even cheaper for her, but I had to order so much stuff and sewing a veil, very time consuming, so that's the story behind the price for this one.

Once I had that all sorted, I went back to the newest grab bag piece. This one started with a copper filigree piece and a few little copper bead caps. Again I just made it up as I went and actually the first go had to be ripped out as I ripped the thread to shreds trying to get it back through the first tiny hole. I was not amused, but I started over anyway. I flattened out the bead caps for the little swirled bits there and then I tatted the chain. I was going to add some copper rounds, but they're far too bright to match the antiqued copper of the other pieces.

I used a discontinued brown shade and this is what I came up with. I call it the copper princess and I personally liked it so much that I searched around to try and find the same bits again so I could make it again if it sells. Or maybe in purple with the copper. Of course it might not even sell. I tend to get ahead of myself with pieces. You just never know which ones will be big sellers and which sentimental favorites will just sit there like a lead balloon. It helps to just keep on making stuff until something sticks.

I got started on remaking the flame mask yesterday so I'll keep on with that one and again I have a more color combination ideas that won't likely see the light of day outside of another custom order. I also thought about making my last mask design in two colors a light and dark brown as well. I always state the option of changing the color of a piece, but I rarely get asked and I wonder if it's because people need pictures to see what the options are. I might try and get a few more different colored pieces up so they know it's possible even if they just sit there. I am finding that without having to home school in the morning that I have been getting a lot more done. So much in fact that I might stop tatting in the evening save for when there is a custom in queue and just relax a bit more then. That is of course if I can force myself to stop, it's kind of second nature to have a needle in my hands at all times now. Yeah, we'll see.


Eliz (tatknot) said...

The veil loves soooo lovely. I really like what you've done with the medallion as well.

Kim said...

Wow! The veil is great, and I'm loving the grab bag pieces!

Beelizabeth said...

If my husband weren't unemployed your copper princess might just have sold. I love it.

Tatfully Yours said...

I love your copper princess. Those colours are some of my favorites.

Sewicked said...

*cough* If you use thin enough lead, a lead balloon will fly *cough* If there's a lesson in that I guess it would be, don't despair. Just because something's not obvious, doesn't mean that it's impossible.

Every so often, I see someone in the media and I think, "wow, she'd look great wearing one of TotusMel's pieces." Do you ever do that?