Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I did spend every spare moment over the weekend tatting, but nothing new, nothing interesting. Heck I was tatting so quickly and so much that I could feel it in my shoulder. Lucky for me, there were so many other things I got to do that I was able to rest the poor joint. So, Friday was the speed tatting, then dinner at the in-laws. I managed to finish all the custom orders still in queue so they were out in the mail Saturday morning. That was a goo thing because we went to see Toy Story 3 first thing Saturday immediately followed by a trip to the comic book shop and the county fair. By nap time there was another custom order to make and when the children were rested it was off to the Costco and the grocery over. Then of course there was Father's Day yesterday which began with a big breakfast and a long walk followed by more nap time tatting and a family barbecue sprinkled with gobs of cleaning throughout the day. As you might have guessed, this Monday morning finds me neither rested nor refreshed, but it is here anyway.

On Saturday I also got in a Fire Mountain order which is the first of several orders I expect to get in this week to make my first custom veil for a lovely twitter friend. Once all the random bits arrive I will get started on that one. It will be the same basic tatting design, but with some color added and some changed to the actual veil and feather design, but you'll see when I get to it. Also in this order was one of their 'boss bags'. Basically it's a one pound grab bag full of random bits and beads. I figured it was the perfect way to keep the one of a kind pieces flowing without stressing too much on the components. I sorted the bag into stuff I might use and stuff you couldn't pay me to use. Those last bits will be perfect for the kids to play with during the summer. There were wood and glass beads and a bunch of Christmas stamping that they can make ornaments with come winter too.

Since I have no tatting to show you, I shall leave you with this image of my family as sheep. Why? Because it is awesome, that's why.

I am finishing up a sold pair of anklet corsets today and then onto some remaking and hoping that a few customers which have me dangling on a line get back to me with yes or no so I know whether I have a few more things to do. Until tomorrow.

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