Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Black And White

As I predicted it was another solid day of making. I just got a couple of orders with custom pieces packed up to go out this morning. I also put all my cameo pendants on sale. I said it was one day only, but I think I will leave it up just one more day for you guys, should you be interested, but that's it and they're back to normal price.

I do of course have one thing to show you. I got pictures of the color variation of The Woman bracelet. It was made to match my black tie spats. While making these I nearly killed off my hand dyed gray only to remember that I had ordered a second ball. Unfortunately that ball is a bit lighter. It's still a nice color, but it's a damn good thing I finished before running out of the other ball as the difference would have been quite noticeable if in the same piece or outfit even. This just means that I should really get some sort of inventory system for my supplies...I won't, but I should.

I did get one half of my supplies to remake the Copper Princess, but I'm still waiting for the other filigrees. I tried to order them from the same supplier, but no one had both pieces I wanted. Hopefully they'll be in today, though I don't know why I'm in a hurry. I got another order for custom ankle corsets yesterday, this time in cream/ivory for a wedding. So that is what I will be doing today. If I get the filigrees I might take a break to make the piece, but we'll see. I'd also like to make the Woman bracelet in the Sepia shades as well. I might even add a third brown to the mix like the black tie version, I certainly have enough light shades to get a good gradation.

I've also been feeling the pull of the tutorial lately. I want to share something, but I'm not certain what yet. I thought about doing a set of short videos, but they already exist by someone else and I don't know that it's really needed. If I do a pattern at Insructables, I like it to actually teach a technique rather than just be a finished piece, but I'm not certain that I have another left to teach. I suppose I could make a tutorial for the cameo and teach Victorian Sets, but that's really just a slight variation on Josephine Rings and I already cover that. Oh, well, not that I have time right now anyway...I'll come up with something worthwhile, eventually.


Sewicked said...

Do the Victorian sets; it's different enough from Josephine that a beginner tatter would find it a little bit daunting. An experienced tatter would probably find it easy, but we're trying to encourage beginners, aren't we?

Kim said...

The bracelet is lovely!

Have you done a tutorial on how to do split rings? I've not found any instruction on how to do them, though perhaps I've not looked hard enough.

Krystle said...

You could teach us how you secure your tatting to the bobbies!

Stephanie Grace said...

LOVE the bracelet! I had to click on the big picture, though, because at first I couldn't tell if the black bracelets on the bottom were attached or not. LOL. *blushes*

I don't know if you use stiffener, but I know that, when looking, I could never really find much about how to do it. I ended up having to ask tatters what they do to keep the shape of a piece. I think that a tutorial about what to do with a finished motif, etc... would really be useful for a lot of newbies! Especially since, at least with my tatting, I realized that pieces can look MUCH better after blocking, etc... Things can look pretty crappy but not be half bad after a bit of post-tatting work.

I'm rambling. Sorry 'bout that. LOL. Just thoughts...

-Stephanie Grace