Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Between the Stars

I got dolled up early in the morning so I could get pictures of the new mask design before it got hot. I liked enough of them to go ahead and list it. I decided to call this one 'Between the Stars'. Yes, I am fully aware that I am seriously running out of Labyrinth lyrics to use. I think I am going to make this one again really soon and add crystals to the edge. I hate doing the crystals on the first version mostly because I have no idea whether it is really going to work or not and I don't want to have to cut out all those beads.

After the mask was done I was happy to receive an order for my tatted bobbies. I was beginning to think I had really gotten ahead of myself making so many before I knew whether any of them would sell or not. I have a nasty habit of doing that when I really like a new design. Anyway, I remade the sold bobbies and then started the search for the next project. As I mentioned yesterday, I can feel the slide downward off the creative streak. I did manage to start what was going to be an anklet at first then it morphed into a bracelet as I added another row that shrunk it up a bit. No, there aren't any pictures yet. I should get it pressed, add the hardware and get some pictures later today.

So that's about it really. I'm having issues settling on a direction and I might just take a short break from tatting and do something else. I have a stack of comics I could be reading, video games I've been neglecting and if I really need to change direction I could clean or organize or something equally horrifying. I guess I'll just leave it up to fate.

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