Monday, June 14, 2010

So Much Creation

Well thanks to the summer heat finally arriving in extreme style I got a hell of a lot of new tatting done. I turned my house into a cave and we barely left the cool darkness. Though in all honestly I much prefer the brightness, but with a tiny bit less heat. Though I am not complaining as it gets much hotter and when it's 113 I'll miss 95.

So I wanted to start with the last thing I made first. Do you remember not that long ago I said there was a new mask idea brewing. It has been brewed. It was the last thing I did last night so it hasn't had a proper photo op yet. In fact all you get is this blurred out partial image. It started with the same edging as my recent elytra covered necklace. My swatch was sitting on the desk and the idea struck me. The first round almost made itself with just some slight 'tat it and see' moments over the nose. The second required a little more patience and a bit more pattern rewriting to get it to lay flat, but it was relatively easy. Of course I think I just understand the mask construction now. It should get it's photo shoot today and get listed.

Already listed are I think four different color combinations using the brass and black bobby pins I got in on Friday. In fact I ended up adding a new section to the store for just the hair pieces. At least the ones that don't belong in the wedding section.

There was also another one of a kind necklace, this one with greens. I ended up using a smaller thread on this one, but it turned out just fine. I used up a bunch of beads and a stamping I thought I was never going to use. Most of these things were from beading challenges they used to have on etsy. You'd order up a collection of supplies the same as everyone else and see what you could make with it. Never came anywhere close to winning, but the supplies stretched my imagination and really help with my jewelry designing skills.

The last thing to show you today is another bridal necklace. This one was made after I made a pair of bobbies in white and cream on the brass. I used the same basic design as the 'Oh My' necklaces, but these flowers have two layers and the brass round in the centers. I really like the sort of antique feel of using the light cream with the white. It also theoretically means that it can be worn with a wider variety of white shades.

The side effect of my prolific creation is that the number of listed items in my shop is now higher than it has ever been, currently at 150. I am making far more than I am selling and I actually have many more little pieces whirring in my brain. Of course many of these are one of a kind so this is not a maintainable number as I can't just remake them as they sell. I am also getting a much more varied selection of styles and color palettes that will hopefully appeal to more people.

The other side effect of this last week is no matter what I do this week, I'm likely to look like a lazy bum. I can't possibly keep this level up for much longer so I will inevitably crash into a streak of nothing new for weeks while I rebound. I apologize in advance for the amount of boring I will soon embody. At least you can look back on last week at be a little impressed for a while.


God's Kid said...

Those are awesome beyond words!
You sure do have a gift. :)

shannon_in_love said...

I apologize in advance for the amount of boring I will soon embody