Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Shall Create Fire

Yesterday was infinitely better than the day which preceded it. It started with the very last day of my first year of homeschooling. It wasn't always a cake walk but there are dozens of reasons I'm glad I stuck with it both for me and my daughter...hell, even for the 3 year old. There's nothing like a little learning through osmosis. Now the summer represents a bit of a vacation or really just a shifting of efforts. I am now the summer referee keeping them from killing each other as they play each day away.

In the wonderful world of tatting I have begun a bit of a rush custom order. I was requested to make a mask and after a bit of discussion we came up with a flame reminiscent mask made in browns and reds. The mask starts out as the 'Power of Voodoo' mask in brown. Then I tried a burgundy and basic red for the second row and the flames...this was ill advised. Though you can't really tell in this picture the basic red makes the burgundy look almost purple and I ended up cutting out the whole edge. Lucky for me not only do I have far too many shades of red thread, I had also only done one side of the mask just in case.

Take two was the basic read as the second row with a orange/red acting as the top flames. The flames were just tat it and see experiments with the second go around I tried undulating the chains in some of them to create more diversity in the flames and I think it worked out pretty well. Also unlike the mask it's based on, this one has a top and a bottom. When I was looking at the first completed section on my face I realized the having flames toward the center on your forehead looks fine, on your nose it looks ridiculous. The tatting on the piece is done, but I still need to cover the wire and then I'll get some good pictures of the piece to post. I probably ought to run them past the customer as well, since they did make the purchase based solely on my ramblings about what I would try to make it look like.

Next up I have a pair of ankle corsets and a pair of slave bracelets that were just ordered that need making as well. So tomorrow you'll get the real pictures of the flame mask and not much else. That is unless the day provides something more interesting to share. I had another mask request, but the customer has yet to respond to my proposal so at this point I have no idea whether I will be making it or not. Another piece recently requested and not yet followed up on was the 'crown' wore by the Carrie character in the Sex and The City 2 movie. Not my bag and after seeing the picture, I concluded that it was a simple piece of custom Venice lace and could likely be replicated with a couple of pieces of said lace sewn together or perhaps onto a headband all for under $10. I did tell the customer this. I also told them that my tatted version would run between $150 and $200. I'm not really shocked that I haven't heard back. Though perhaps when I am less swamped I will make one up anyway just to see if I can.

Well, I'm off to my first day of summer vacation...from my other job at least. Have a great day.

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Not so crazy about that crown, it remindes me of the head peice lucy wore in the movie Drucula (the one with Winnona Ryder and Gary Oldman). Didn't see the Sex in the City Movie so no idea what it looks like on Carrie.
On the mask, if you added a red/orange/gold filament to the stitches would that give the flames some depth? Or sequins? I was thinking to give it a flickering/movement like you would see in a fire.
As always I am amazed and inspired by your work.