Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Grab Bag

Much tatting was accomplished yesterday. The first bit was to dive into that grab bag I told you about and get something made. I'd had my eye on this little ring bit here so I decided to just tat around it to begin. I added a picot every four stitched completely unaware of how that would leave me at the end. Well it left me a little uneven but I just kept right on making it up as I went around. When I reached the top I decided to keep on going and just weave in the chains. After that I reached into the grab bag again and came out with a little filigree ball. I dug out a black swarovski crystal and a montee...that's the sew on ones, added them all to the mix and put the whole thing on a chain.

That leaves me with another one of a kind creation. I tried to think of a clever name, but I just ended up calling it Filigree and Lace. That however was not the end of the day for me. About this time the mailman brought me the final ingredient to the veil puzzle, the blending filament.

Now, I don't have proper photos yet. I should get some today, but here's a peek at the motif anyway. It is meant to have a bit of blue to match the brides earrings and there was much careful cutting and sewing of the veil as this one is much longer than my previous attempts. I promise I will get some proper photos hopefully today and show them off tomorrow.

I did stress out for a bit as I waited for approval for the piece when it was finished, but it was approved and this marks the first sold headpiece from the line. I still haven't purchased any additional supplies to make more of them and I likely won't until I sell a few more. Just because I think they look great, doesn't mean they will sell. I started on another grab bag piece late last night, so you'll see that one rise today as well and then I think I might remake the flame mask so I can list it in the shop. Off to it then.


RockLove said...

So neat when you show us the tools and process. With the loops and rod - tatting blows my mind!

Eliz (tatknot) said...

I really enjoy following your work. It is inspiring.