Friday, June 18, 2010

I Created FIRE

This week has been up and down and all over the place. The one thing that was fairly steady was the influx of custom orders. Every single order I received this week contained at least one if not more pieces that needed making. While I am in no way complaining, the re-listing of these items may prove problematic if only in an aesthetic way. You see I can list them all again straight away, but that would mean a large clump of custom orders right next to each other at the top of the store. I fear this may make customers think that everything I do has a wait time and they will move on. Of course I can just then rearrange the store to intersperse them between ready to ship pieces and of course I may just be over thinking the whole thing.

So, pretty picture for today. I finished the flame mask and was quite satisfied with the outcome. As you might have guessed I am not terribly comfortable working with too much color. so it was a challenge to wait until it was done to make a final judgment on it. After I got the pictures, I sent them to the customer and waiting for final approval...which did not come all day long to my great distress. Now I know what you'll say, 'Pam, why worry, you know your work is (insert complementary adjective here)' The thing is like many artists I oscillate from egomaniac to scared, insecure child. Waiting for an answer brings out the child. I woke up today to approval for the design though and sighed a breath of relief. I do wonder if I should offer this one in the shop as it did get a positive response from the facebook people who have already seen it.

It'll have to wait as I make up these custom orders either way. I also had the thought that I need to expose my more recent bridal pieces to the right audience. So I was thinking of doing a giveaway elsewhere, on a wedding blog of some sort. My first thought was Offbeat Bride, but I am still screwing up the courage to ask if they'd be interested. I can't really afford their advertising plans, though they do have some inexpensive options, plus I want to make a bigger impression than a text ad. If you can think of any other blog or site with good traffic that does giveaways of this sort, let me know and I'll check them out. Of course all this will have to wait until I catch up on orders anyway. Can't be giving anything away while there are paying customers waiting for their goods. Now off to Friday and then the weekend full of fair, dinners and movies, ta.


MAB Jewelry said...

My goodness, that mask is incredibly gorgeous.

Kim said...

Oh, that turned out nice! I like the colors you used.