Friday, June 11, 2010

The Mess No More

What a fine motivation exposing your mess to the world is. Really without the need to show you that I clean up good...I would have likely not cleaned up at all. Now if you missed yesterday, you're gonna wanna scroll down to what this exact space looked like before I got my clean on. It wasn't easy but I pulled out every jewelry making supply I have acquired and no only got them put away in that slick snap together thing, but they are organized in there too. There's a drawer for silver, one for brass and copper, one for crystals and other for pearls and rounds. In fact I can actually work directly out of the cubbyholes since the snap apart.

I figured I would just clean on cleaning since that had worked out so well and show you the rest of the cleanliness. Now to be honest I spend little time actually working at the desk. I use it to blog, to ship and to assemble jewelry. The actually tatting is done in the comfort of the living room. Here on the right you'll see the three tubs that hold most of my thread and ribbons. There's also a box under the desk with just the black thread...remember the 50 balls. The other drawer sets are full of yarn and miscellaneous crap. The desk drawers there are where the finished jewelry lies. You can also spy my mannequin, my photo box and tripod. The point is that it's clean now, though it won't last long.

I did also tat a bit, but not as much as I hoped. While going through the supplies I found yet another large focal piece to add to a necklace. I had to dig through the thread to find just the perfect shade that would match both the pendant and the brass chain you knew I was going to use. I ended up with a creamy tan cebelia thread. There are hints of brass and copper flecks in the glass leave and it complimented those the best. Fair warning, I found a couple more bits and bobs in the supply box that might get this same treatment too. The tatting portion is simple, but finding the perfect thread and complimentary beads provides a fun distraction from more complex pieces.

I don't have any specific projects on tap for today, so we'll just see which way the wind doth blow. Seriously though it's been really windy here lately both metaphorically and actually. Whichever way though, it's been a much better week than last and here's hoping the trend continues.


Kim said...

WOW! What a difference a day makes! You've inspired me to get busy on my much larger mess of a sewing and crafting area.

Krystle said...

I really like that necklace. You're doing a great job of adding pieces that with broad aesthetic(spelling?) appeal. Very lovely.

One friendly note, the word "leave" in your Etsy listing for the necklace should probably be "leaf". The V is used to make leaf plural. (hope I don't sound like a know it all, I just know that I like my listings to be as professional as I can muster.......if you prefer for some reason to spell it as leave, then by all means go ahead. :-)