Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I've Done & Will Do

It's always hard to stay on task when you're waiting to go to a dentist appointment. Since I knew I was getting a cavity filled, I was anticipating discomfort at an epic scale. Of course the reality of the situation was fairly uneventful. There was a bit of discomfort and only an hour of my life given away to the gods of oral hygiene, so when I returned I got to work.

I drilled up some some elytra and got the necklace completed again. I can make the first row of the design before the elytra are ready so I did that the day before. The hardest part of the design is the beetle wing part. I have to lay them all out in order making sure they all match in size and side and then tat them into the second row. I must watch out out for encroaching cats and kids as they threaten to disturb the carefully laid out pieces. Then I must deal with the thread constantly wrapping about the wings and tangling as I add each new one to the line. I tell you these things just so you see how hard I work lest you think I make this all look like cake.

I also sourced some bobby pins for the new flower bobbies to match the veils and I also got another set of the pieces that make up the motif done. I may get around to sewing them to the feather pad, though I'm still not certain whether comb of clip is the preferred method of wearing a piece like this. I did a little Internet searching and could find no conclusive information either way. Perhaps I'll do an informal twitter poll later to get a feeling of what people would prefer. Me, I'd pick the comb, but that's because I have ridiculously thin hair and can slide clips right out of it.

I also promised an author friend a mask and collar set that I finally started working on yesterday too, so I'll likely go back to that throughout the next couple of weeks. It's not a time sensitive project so it's on the when I have free time burner. I did May's sale numbers yesterday and it was a fairly sad month and June began sale-less as well. If things continue in this manner, I shall have enough unspoken for time to complete all these projects as soon as all the supplies have been acquired. Speaking of acquiring supplies...I made an order with Fire Mountain Gems wallet hurts, bad. That is all.


Tatfully Yours said...

I vote for clip for hair pieces. I to have fine hair but can not get a comb to stay in. The only time I was able to wear a comb so for my wedding and that was only because I was married in the early 90's and big hair was in style. What were we thinking?

Autumn said...

I love the eleytra necklaces. I've been trying to learn tatting, and I don't think it's cake. I think the things you tat must take a lot of time and skill.