Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Mess

I spent much of yesterday morning cleaning. No particular reason other than I hadn't done it in a while. Frankly there is quite a lot more of that to do and without the threat of house guests it is difficult to get motivated. I tend to let things clutter, take my desk here for example. This is just a small portion of my mess. baggies full of beads overflowing what was once an organized tub. The thread for the most part sits in tubs just fine until I start taking out too many colors and not putting them back when I'm done.

There was a reason I brought this mess up aside from just being a horror show. I dug thought this mess yesterday and came out with a large clear crystal teardrop and decided to make something all spur of the moment and I came up with this one. Again I used that same vintage pattern bit which is absolutely perfect to hand something from and I added the crystal. Then to make it a little more finished looking I added two glass pearls on wither side and attached the whole lot to brass chain giving it a slightly antique feel. I really love making these one of a kind pieces with bits I didn't even remember I had lying about.

When I shared the creation yesterday I was asked about the supply box which I said I had fished the crystal out of. I was forced to admit that it was more of a pile that started in a supply box and oozed all over the desk. So I was encouraged to pick up a new set of supply boxes last night and today I shall attempt to organize the supplies. I might even get my label on as they are snap together boxes and it would be nice to not have to dig though them all to find something. Such it might take away from the treasure hunt feel of getting findings for a piece, but then I can show you a picture of a clean desk with a neat box of supplies and you can be jealous instead of sad. I would like to point out that my finished pieces are neatly put away in tubs and then tuck away in a large drawer safe from the mess. That pile of lace you see in the picture is largely my own pieces and prototypes that I use while designing and then clearly toss carelessly in a pile.

So aside from the great organizing plan, I hope to get another spur of the moment piece started. I had a new mask thought yesterday as well, so there's a slight chance that might get some time today. It all depends on that desk pile bending to my will in a timely manner. So, yeah it doesn't seem all that likely, but one day soon anyway.


Gina said...

I particularly like these pendants. I've been looking for small antique brass chain. Everything I find locally is big and I like the small delicate stuff. Did you get yours from an online source?

TotusMel said...

Thanks and yes I got the chain from

Sharon D. said...

Love the pendant. I love everything you tat. Glad I am not the only one with a mess on there desk.

Tatfully Yours said...

I'm sorry but you sound a little to organized for me!!! LOL I clean houses all day but someday soon I will have to get my craft room organized too.

Jo Campbell said...

I'm like this too - my finished pieces are packed away carefully but the materials for making them tend to get everywhere - and as I don't have a workroom this really does mean everywhere (our dining table has been a polymer clay workstation for months). I think creative minds are just naturally not very tidy, at least that's my excuse.