Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yet Another Neck Corset

Let's see first off, I did get some pictures of the new neck corset/collar/necklace piece. Again, I really didn't get the magnitude of the thing until I got it laced up. It is just another of my pieces that I personally have no place to wear. Seriously, no place. Once I get around to the matching cuff bracelets, this piece will likely be heading off to another photographer. That doesn't mean it won't eventually make it into the shop, but I have to tell you the price tag on these suckers will not be for the faint of heart. Like most of my larger creations, they were created simply for the process. You know, the 'I wonder if I can?' whispering in my ear, not to move a hundred pieces.

I spent the rest on the day making a recently ordered mask and a pair of ankle corsets. The ankle corsets are far from complete so that will be most of my day today. I do get my supplies in for the embellished collar, but we apparently live in the neighborhood of delivery limbo. We tend to get our packages at eight in the evening and even with the curtains open and the lights on, they rarely even deign to knock on the door. It is seriously annoying to have to constantly check the porch to see if a delivery has come... I'm looking at you UPS. Ring the damn doorbell, it's a freaking button not a torture device. How hard is that?

Anyway, so there's the ankle corsets, then onto the cuffs, then perhaps some more remaking as I also sold my headband and that's another time consuming creation. Oh and I need to get a pendant made up for the intatters exchange. At least that task will be quick. It's sort of funny, every time there is a lull in my sales, I want to complain a bit, but as I have discovered in the past and really should just think immediately, use the time you're granted wisely as you never know when you'll be swamped again and can get nothing significant done. You know, like now.


that_rat said...

NO MORE COMPLAINING ABOUT SALES! [from the guy who hears the complaining about sales]

Sewicked said...

No, no, the proper response when she complains about lack of sales is to giggle madly and tell her that Murphy is listening. If of course, you're as vicious as I am.

Anonymous said...

The neck corset is wonderful, great work!

And complaining about the sales is part of business. I also complain but to compensate when I'm happy with some sale I do something to celebrate :)

ArtSnark said...


Parnuuna said...

I've got to learn that art someday. :)
Your needlework is exquisite! You're an inspiration.