Friday, March 5, 2010

A Long Day

Well, I had quite a busy day. You know know sometimes it seems a bit like factory work when I have a list of pieces that need to be remade. It can get tedious doing the same patterns over and over again even when I still love them. All the tedium falls away when I am designing of course and oscillating between the two tasks keeps me from feeling like this is a real job. While I didn't do any designing yesterday, I did remake an old piece that was only made once over and year and a half ago. It was a custom piece, the eye patch that I showed you yesterday.

Here's the funny part, it was itself based on a rose anklet that I had designed for the same customer. I wrote that pattern down, but when I converted it to the eye patch...I did not, only I thought I had. So, I tore through my pattern book and soon realized that this was going to be another starting at my own picture for hours sort of day...and it was. I had no size measurements for the wire either, so the whole thing was a bit trial and error, but I did get it remade. Once I worked out all the nuances of the pattern, it worked up rather quickly and then I was back to remaking other pieces.

This should have of course prompted me to write down the pattern should the piece sell, but I think you won't be surprised to learn that I did not. Often when I chastise myself for not writing down a pattern in public and by public I mean on twitter, I am met with the, 'you really should write those down and do a book'. I think we all know that I lack the organizational skills for that endeavor, though thanks for the vote of confidence. There's also the deep down fear that if I were to publish my stuff, a dozen new tatters would pop up trying to sell them on etsy and I'd have to get a giant whack a mole hammer to stop them and that just sounds like a nightmare. I'm actually seeing that image in my head right now and giggling a little. I think it might be a bit too early right now.

I'm off on a field trip today with the family to the mountains. So my morning and quite possibly afternoon is shot as far as getting any tatting done, but that's alright, I need a break. I do have a few new items on my imaginary task list including a tatted pendant that looks like a button and I think I would still like to do a white rabbit mask for Wonderland. Oh, I didn't tell you...the Mad Hatter piece has sold! I was a little sad to pack him up as I had grown a bit attached to him, but he went to a good home and I think I might make another. It will be different of course as I don't have another hat pin lying around. I might change up the colors just a bit as well to make sure they are truly one of a kind pieces, So I guess, if I do make it, it will be the Mad Hatter 2. Well I'm off then.

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